UCI Policy

SAT Health and its subsidiaries from the SAT Health group is a specialized organization for collecting, processing, and analyzing data, providing Patient Support Programs (PSP), medico-social care, telemedicine, home services (Home Care), medical services in medical centers, social services, and consulting services and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and the Healthcare sector. SAT Health pays particular attention to ensuring that clients are satisfied with the services offered in the long term.

Our mission is to be a reliable, secure, efficient, and responsible partner of our customers by responding to their needs in a highly qualified and professional manner. 

A strategic goal of the SAT Health group is to establish itself as a highly qualified partner for providing medical services, telemedicine, Home Care medico-social services and drug safety monitoring services as an outsourced service to the MAH and supporting patients with rare diseases by including them in patient support programs, through continuous improvement of processes, improving the quality of the services offered, ensuring confidentiality, availability, completeness, and privacy of information and personal data and maintaining business continuity and information security.

For achieving the goals set, an Integrated Management System has been developed, implemented, and maintained in the Group, meeting the requirements of the international standards EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2022, and ISO/IEC 27701:2019. The management of SAT Health is committed to realizing the following strategic goals of the company to ensure information privacy and security, and quality assurance:

a) We maintain an ongoing ability to provide services that meet customer and applicable legal and regulatory requirements by providing the necessary resources to do so,

b) We implement effective control for the correct application, maintenance and continuous improvement of the implemented Integrated Management System,

c) Building and maintaining relationships with customers and partners based on trust, fairness, loyalty and mutual benefit,

d) Maintaining continuous contact with customers and improving, expanding and improving services in accordance with their needs and expectations,

e) Providing the necessary resources and conditions for the continuous improvement of the qualifications of all employees in the SAT Health group,

f) Maintaining a good reputation of the SAT Health group companies, which always deliver quality solutions on time,

g) We ensure information privacy and security in the activities of the SAT Health group companies by integrating Integrated Management System into business processes,

h) We inform customers and stakeholders of the SAT Health group's information privacy and security requirements,

i) We make sure our partners are aware of the requirements of our Integrated Management System and encourage them to assist us with its maintenance and improvement,

j) We ensure the confidentiality, integrity, privacy, and full access to all information assets and resources of the SAT Health group and those owned by the client or other external parties by planning, selecting, implementing and maintaining adequate organizational and technical measures for their protection, based on systematically performed risk analysis,

k) We maintain a control system for risk-based thinking and effective risk management integrated into all practices and processes; tracking and coordinating all activities in compliance with statutory, regulatory and contractual obligations for the security, confidentiality, processing and protection of personal data with which the SAT Health group works;

l) We monitor for emerging risks and threats to business and information privacy and security, and we apply adequate mechanisms and controls for their management,

m) We engage all employees of the SAT Health group in the maintenance processes and improvement of the implemented Integrated Management System,

n) We plan and take appropriate action to ensure the continuity of the business, of the information privacy and security within the SAT Health group by creating, maintaining, and verifying contingency plans.

The management policy and strategic objectives are publicized, understood, and implemented by all employees of the SAT Health group. They are reviewed annually by the management. 

Date: 02/05/2023 Executive Director: Alexander Alexiev