Management Consulting

SAT Health provides broad range of healthcare consulting services.

Offering optimized solutions for your challenges is empowering for us.

We help our partners maximize commercial value by assisting with Market Access, Product Launch, Marketing, Sales, Strategic Planning, and qualification of long-term Business development opportunities. Our extensive experience serving pharmaceutical and medical products firms in all therapeutic areas has given us a deep knowledge of global commercial trends affecting the industry.

We work with businesses to provide expert advice, solve problems, and encourage growth.

We can help you navigate and achieve optimal results in the challenging and dynamic field of healthcare, by together:

  • build and implement a focused, consistent and convincing strategy for market access to medicines, medical devices and new technologies in the field of healthcare.
  • find the best solutions for resource and portfolio management, and for minimizing risk and maximizing results.
  • develop an optimal marketing plan and strategy for effective sales management.
  • assess long-term business development opportunities.

We have the resources, experience, and solutions to assure the result you envision, the results your stakeholders need, the value you deserve.

Real-World Evidence Data

The RWD provides information for efficacy in the clinical practice and fills the knowledge gaps about potential risk and benefits of the new technology in practice, as well as RW comparisons with competitors.

The available RWE enables us to calculate:

  • Time of treatment (median)
  • Time to Treatment failure (TTF)
  • Time to next treatment (TNT)
  • Average dose (dose intensity) dynamics
  • OS (when a longer period of data is processed)

The RWD available enables us to derive patient/hospital/regional analysis, containing: Diagnosis, Treatment, Age of patient.

Overview of possibilities:

  • Comparing RWD (BG) to RCT (randomized clinical trials)
  • Comparing RWD (BG) to RWD (other)
  • Mapping of BG hospitals, based on segmentation of patients treated; average cost of treatment; average dosing, etc.
  • Patient tracker – retention rate, compliance by months; migration among hospitals, etc.
  • Competitors ranking

Market Access

Complicated legislative requirements, limited healthcare budget and cost containment limitations drive the need for a Comprehensive Strategic Market Access Solution in order to secure timely reimbursement.

At SAT Health we can help you build compelling and focused market access strategy and action plan, aligned with the needs of different stakeholders, and help you navigate the challenging market access environment.

To our partners interested in entering Bulgarian reimbursement market we offer:

  • Comprehensive Market Access and Reimbursement Overview
  • Documentation and Reimbursement Dossier completion
  • Acting as local representative

Health Technology Assessment

In a time where there is growing pressure on healthcare budgets, there is increased scrutiny of new health technologies, their effectiveness, safety, and costs. It is in this context that the importance of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) analysis and consulting for supporting management, clinical and policy decisions has become increasingly important.

HTA is a multidisciplinary process, encompassing diverse aspects such as medical, economic, organizational, social, and ethical considerations. The term ‘health technology’ is used in its broader sense and typically refers to any product or activity that is used to promote health in any way, for instance, by preventing or treating disease, improving rehabilitation, and long-term care.

SAT Health offers HTA analysis to provide a bridge between the world of research and the world of decision-making. We aim to provide our customers with professional assessment, conducted by interdisciplinary groups using explicit analytical frameworks, drawing on clinical, epidemiological, health economic and other information and methodologies.

For more information about HTA analysis on drugs, medical devices, and diagnostic methods, including assessment of technical characteristics, safety, clinical efficacy, and real-life effectiveness, costs, social, legal, and ethical consequences of the health technologies, contact us for a meeting.