SAT Health is the only one Bulgarian company member of EphMRA. We are glad to be part of the European Healthcare “Market Research and Analytics” Community that defines, develops and shares best practices. As a member of EphMRA that sets the “Gold-standard” in the area, we are inspired and empowered to achieve excellence as business partners and expert advisers.

Market research as an action of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information, helps business to solve market challenges. Market research help us make educated decisions and is a vital element in developing a market strategy. When done correctly it can help to enlighten your marketing activities – such as understanding the requirements of your target audience, helping to understand what key messages you should convey and how to communicate them.

The business environment is constantly changing so market research should be an ongoing activity to make sure you are investigating it and understand what factors are changing that could influence your business plans.

To provide best-in-class market research services:

  • SAT Health has its own CATI center
  • SAT Health provides questionnaire programming, hosting, translations overlay and online fieldwork management around the clock
  • Experienced employers with medical background are responsible for organizing the interviews with various stakeholders
  • SAT Health uses a secured online platform
  • Digital online questionnaires are referred only to selected pharmacists, or specialists and the access towards them is secured through specialized software

SAT Health has knowledge and experience in both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) fields and conducts various studies by carefully defining the problem, defining the knowledgeable survey set-up, excellent execution at both fieldwork and processing stages and therefore stand out with actionability and marketing sense.

We track your Promotional efforts and details such as:

  • SoV level among specialists
  • Understanding on Message recall, Company image among specialists and strategy for improvement
  • Collect the outcomes and develop tangible KPIs for its Sales Force and use it on a regular base as part of the performance assessment process etc.

We map Patient journey for one of the key brands based on gathered data to understand:

  • Patient journey
  • Preferences towards purchased brands
  • Purchase decision drivers
  • SoV and the position of the brand vs key competitors etc.
  • Shoppers’ preferences and purchase habits

You can find a wide range of health market analysis, researches and forecasts in our portfolio:

  • Therapeutic area analysis
  • Segmentation and Targeting of specialists or pharmacies based on different criteria
  • Territory optimization analysis
  • Incentive plans and target setting
  • Message and Promo recalls
  • Patient insights