SAT Health – a fast-growing company for data analytics and digital solutions in the healthcare sector acquired medical center Home Medic and Pia Mater – elderly care at home.

The company benefits from the investment attracted in October 2022 from Invenio Partners for realization of projects, based on integrated approach to healthcare, combining medical centers, home visits, social services, and telemedicine. 

SAT Health, a fast-growing company for data analytics and digital solutions in the healthcare, has announced the acquisition of Home Medic Medical Center and home social care company Pia Mater as part of its strategy to develop new services, implement advanced healthcare technology solutions and provide integrated health and social care.

In October 2022 SAT Health attracted 3 million euro financing from Invenio Partners Fund II SCSP (Invenio Partners), a SEE-focused private equity and growth equity fund for expanding its regional footprint and developing new product offerings across its business lines. SAT Health projects aim to promote and improve patient’s access to quality healthcare services. The company team is united by the desire to bring ideas and innovations to real life for better healthcare. 

Alexander Alexiev, founder, and CEO of SAT Health: "We are happy to announce this important step in our journey to provide innovative and integrated solutions for healthcare not only in Bulgaria. We work on uniting the companies under a common new brand that will offer health and social care of unprecedented quality. At the heart of our business burns a cause that gives us charge and meaning - it turns our customers into partners and unites colleagues into a strong and motivated team. We continue to grow and develop as a company, always driven by our mission to improve and optimize processes in the healthcare sector and make a positive impact on people's lives.”

"Taking into account the demographic trends not only in Bulgaria, but also on a global scale, the acquisition of Pia Mater is the logical continuation in the implementation of the long-term strategy of SAT Health, united around the provision of integrated pre-hospital healthcare in order to ensure comfort and quality service to the patient " - shared Slavcho Parushev, partner at Invenio Partners.

For SAT Health:

SAT Health is a dynamic and innovative company that offers products and services in the healthcare sector. Established in 2017, the company brings together people with proven expertise and long-term professional experience and aims to optimize processes in the healthcare sector through a wide range of expert analyses, innovative technological solutions, and partnerships.

SAT Health is a member of the European Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Association (EphMRA) and a co-founder of the Bulgarian Cluster for Digital Solutions and Innovations in Healthcare (DHI). The company is also a member of the Bulgarian Startup Association (BESCO), the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, and the European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN). The company was recently recognized as the global winner in one of the most comparative categories of GO GLOBAL AWARDS 2022 – HealthTech.

The portfolio of products and services includes in-depth analysis and forecasting of healthcare data, specialized marketing research in over 20 countries in Europe, patient support programs in different therapy areas. The acquisition of medical center Home Medic and Pia Mater is a key step for SAT Health in the portfolio development – providing an innovative, high quality, integrated social and medical care with personalized approach.

For medical center Home Medic:

Home Medic brings together proven specialists in a modern medical center and a mobile team that offers home visits for medical examinations, prevention, and laboratory. The Home Medic mobile team consists of a healthcare specialist, a nurse and diagnostic medical equipment, which allows both home monitoring of chronic diseases and annual preventive examinations. The medical center's services are adapted to the different needs of patients, which corresponds to SAT Health's values of building an individual approach and providing integrated care.

For Pia Mater:

Pia Mater provides social patronage for the elderly and is established in the Bulgarian market as a model of social services at home. Part of the company's services are daily care for the elderly, teleassistance (Intelligent system for independent living with a preventive focus to support the independence of active elderly people), food delivery, services for elderly people with dementia. The purpose of Pia Mater (translated from Latin means "tender mother") has always been to promote the autonomy of people who face social or health difficulties and have a temporary or long-term need for support and care.