SAT Health is a vibrant, fast-paced and exciting healthcare company.

We share a passion for bringing powerful ideas and innovations to real life and help our partners drive healthcare forward.

SAT Health is a reliable, certified healthcare information and technology provider

SAT Health provides a wide range of expert solutions for the healthcare sector, performing masterful healthcare system analysis and providing effective technology solutions.

Our service portfolio is based on solid data audits and specialized market healthcare research, providing solutions for the entire healthcare market: serving pharmaceutical companies, medical and industry associations, administrative bodies.

We are committed to industry standards for quality process, continuous improvement, and data security.

Our Achievements

30 +
Highly experienced employees with
15 +
Years background in the healthcare sector
60 +
BlueBook insightful and live dashboards
100 +
Successful Market Research Projects
17 +
Valuable Patient Support Programs

SAT Health Values

Our Values

Our Values

We are defined by the values we share. Our values guide everything we do. They motivate our attitudes, actions, decisions and relationships with clients, partners, and each other.



Our everyday work is driven by an uncompromising commitment to quality. All corporate and regulatory compliance standards will be met through our controlled management system and continuous quality improvement process.



Our team has knowledge and experience built up over many years in the healthcare sector and clients are the ultimate beneficiaries.



We play the long game.
Our partnerships are built on trust and that trust is made of little drops. We always optimize for long term success.



Everything we do revolves around developing solutions for the healthcare sector and solving problems by constantly experimenting, designing, critiquing, conjecturing, and generating fresh ideas and new opportunities.



People with multitude of perspectives, full of enthusiasm, imagination and energy is united in delivering best service to your business.

Bluebook Services

BlueBook is powerful web-based analytical business intelligence tool that combines and analyses various pharma market raw data and transfers it into insightful and meaningful reports and visual dashboards.



SAT Health provides broad range of healthcare consulting services.

Offering optimized solutions for your challenges is empowering for us.

We help our partners maximize commercial value by assisting with Market Access, Product Launch, Marketing, Sales, Strategic Planning, and qualification of long-term Business development opportunities. Our extensive experience serving pharmaceutical and medical products firms in all therapeutic areas has given us a deep knowledge of global commercial trends affecting the industry.

Market Research

Market research as an action of gathering, analyzing and interpreting information, helps business to solve market challenges. It helps us make educated decisions and is a vital element in developing a market strategy.

SAT Health can conduct various Market Research services to track your promotional efforts and enlighten your marketing activities – such as understanding the requirements of your target audience, helping to understand what key messages you should convey and how to communicate them.

We map Patient's journey based on gathered data to understand consumer preferences and purchase habits.

Patient Support Programs

Our mission is to partner with our clients, improving lives by helping healthcare professionals and patients get the medicines, knowledge and support they need.

Care by SAT Health designs each Patient Support Program to ensure that patients have timely access to medications they need and quality care through their treatment journey.

We define tailored solutions to address specific project goals and to develop care plans and materials that are personalized to patients needs.

Technology Solutions

SAT Health provides innovative and insightful Technology Solutions to support the healthcare sector.

Our solutions enhance patient engagement, empower health team collaboration, improve clinical and operational data insights, protect health information. The Patient and HCPs engagement platform allows personalized care management.

Our All-in-one Digital Event Platform creates interactive enriching and memorable attendee experience delivering incredible digital and hybrid events.


Dr. Ralitsa Sharkova

SAT Health helps us building a strong relationship with our patients. Communication with the team is good, easy and convenient for both parties. Patients receive support and assistance related to their treatment, up-to-date information about the documentation and very important - understanding. It is a pleasure to work with SAT Health assistants who make our patients feel better.

Dr. Ralitsa Sharkova Military Medical Academy, Sofia
Dr. Bisera Kotevska

The support by SAT Health is useful for both patients and us doctors. Assistants facilitate the process by managing documents, tracking deadlines and helping patients with guidance in all administrative procedures, which often turn out to be very unclear to them. It is a pleasure to work with SAT Health assistants and I am glad that we have a great partnership.

Dr. Bisera Kotevska Dermatologist
Dr. Ivan Lyutakov

“It’s very beneficial to work with the assistants of Care by SAT Health. They greatly facilitate our daily work. We, the doctors, are overwhelmed with work and the preparation of the protocols for biological therapy takes a lot of time. The assistants of Care help a lot to HCPs, who prescribe biological therapy. Тhis collaboration is very advantageous and the scope of patient programs needs to be expanded.”

Dr. Ivan Lyutakov Gastroenterologist

“You are by our side in every aspect. I knew there were people I could count on for everything.”

Desislava Mother of a patient

„I’m deeply grateful because it’s a real support. You helped me a lot with taking care of all paperwork. You remind me of everything needed. I wouldn't be able to deal with all these things on my own.“

Fevronia Patient

“Thank you for your constant and valuable support and collaboration! During 2 years of contracted services on PSP project, SAT Health accounts for consistent and efficient partnership. Program objectives are met. SAT team engaged in the program is well trained and demonstrates assertive behavior. Communication on the project is effective and timely managed, allowing smooth adaptation when necessary. Overall impression is tied with high levels of satisfaction of SAT services. Keep it up!”

Roche Client

“Ever since we concluded our first agreement, I must say that the quality of service is constantly increasing year over year. We started with a simple administrative support for patients and then we expanded the service towards providing emergency kits, IBD awareness website, establishing satellite infusion centers and etc. All of this couldn’t have been achieved if we didn’t have the right partner next to us!”.

Takeda Client

"For the 2 years of partnership all objectives of the PSP were achieved with necessary accuracy, excellent collaboration between assistants, patients, doctors and Mylan. People, working for Mylan’s PSP are well trained, competent and put everyday efforts to support patient and HCPs. All assistants are very skilled and exact in preparing required by NHIF medical documentation."

Mylan Client


SAT Health and its medical arm Haelan to Expand its Footprint with Upcoming Strategic Partnership with Verum's Medical Business - Polyclinics Bulgaria and 1st Pediatric Consulting Clinic

SAT Health and its medical arm Haelan to Expand its Footprint with Upcoming Strategic Partnership with Verum's Medical Business - Polyclinics Bulgaria and 1st Pediatric Consulting Clinic

Documentation on the contractor selection procedure on "Delivery and implementation of a software system for remote patient monitoring"

Documentation on the contractor selection procedure on "Delivery and implementation of a software system for remote patient monitoring"

CEE Regional Business Summit

CEE Regional Business Summit