Effective patient support

Through treatment pathways and, ultimately, to outcomes that make a difference to their quality of life

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Key pillars in our approach


The nature of the journey of the patient

Be compliant

Fully integrated legal and regulation governance


Treat as an individual

Get stakeholders on board

Network participants through value

Integrate solutions

Integrate solutions to leverage smooth process and availability

How do we support patients


Guide patients through treatment journey


Manage documentation kits matching regulatory and administrative requirements


The clinical tests access, geo-logistic support in obtaining laboratory results

Track & Remind

Remind of upcoming steps and documentation submission terms etc.

Medicinal safety

Reporting of an undesirable effect of treatment

Our Assistants

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Tsvetelina Tosheva
Lora Radeva
Krasimir Kraev MD
Daniela Kazakova MD
Stoyanka Paskova
Yolina Yolova

Service levels


Managing documentation and guiding through procedures steps


Logistic services and settlement with specialized laboratories


Call center to track compliance, remind upcoming actions


Support procedure for patients, undergoing treatment with biological or biosimilar products

1. Declaration – Consent

Upon initial contact with the patient, they are presented with a SAT Health “Declaration- consent” form, regarding the personal data handling procedures. The patient is given the option to consent/withdraw from the above described personal data handling procedures.

2. Awareness

A SAT Health assistant provides the patient with detailed information in regard to the application procedure, resulting in treatment access.

3. Expert Medical Committee (EMC) review criteria

A SAT Health assistant ensures that the patient, and their detailed documentation, complies with the requirements set out by the EMC. Furthermore, they assist the patient with the collection and completion of said documentation.

4. Laboratory tests

A SAT Health assistant directs the patient, as to where to perform the laboratory tests, and if need arises, provides logistical support and further assistance in obtaining the results by liaising with the laboratory(s).

5. Expert Medical Committee (EMC)

A SAT Health assistant assists the patient in coordination and guidance for the purposes of appearing before the EMC. The assistant performs a further verification of the completeness and correctness of the documentation, including the medical laboratory test results. A key requirement for attaining biological/biosimilar treatment eligibility is, for the patient to have undergone treatment using conventional procedures, resulting in insufficient, or lacking any, effect on their condition.

6. Regional Health Insurance Fund (RHIF) – National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) – RHIF

Upon confirmation of patient eligibility by the EMC, a SAT Health "Care" assistant outlines the further document submission steps in regard to the RHIF/NHIF. During the process, the assistant keeps track of the submitted documents, their corresponding reference numbers, and the submission deadlines. If the patient cannot follow the procedure due to their medical condition, or other socioeconomic factors, they could authorize a family member, or the SAT Health "Care" assistant, to submit the documentation on their behalf.

7. Obtaining the medication

A SAT Health "Care" assistant further assists the patient in the final steps of the treatment process – gaining access to the medication from a pharmacy.

8.Monitoring and reminding

A SAT Health "Care" assistant informs the patient of any further appearances before the EMC, for the purposes of treatment tracking, during its complete course.

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Reporting an adverse event

Adverse Event is any untoward medical occurrence in a patient or clinical investigation subject who has been administered medicinal product, which does not necessarily have to have a causal relationship with this treatment. An AE can be any unfavourable and unintended sign (including an abnormal laboratory finding), symptom or disease occurring during the time the Assignor’s product was used whether or not considered related to the medicinal product.

You can report a suspected adverse event of the medication you are using during your participation in the Program: on the 24-hour phone line: 0700 70009 or send an e-mail to care@sathealth.com.

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